Microsoft Cluster Server

PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server provides a list of monitor types (application classes) that are segregated based on the components.

Terminology note

Monitor types in the TrueSight console and Central Monitoring Administration are known as application classes in the PATROL Consoles.

Attributes in Central Monitoring Administration are known as parameters in the PATROL consoles.

You can access Central Monitoring Administration from the TrueSight console or ProactiveNet.

Monitored objectMonitor TypesDescription

Top-level containers and configuration

Used to set up and configure the PATROL for Microsoft Cluster product.

Cluster Network

Monitors the network and network interface status of the cluster.

Cluster Nodes

Provides node status and monitors keyword matches within the cluster log file.

Cluster Roles

Represents a cluster role or a group instance. Provides information about role and failover status, free and total disk space, resource status and IP resource response time.

Cluster Shares

Discovers and monitors the file shares on a cluster.

Cluster Shared Volume

Monitors the cluster shared volumes.