PATROL Knowledge Module for Microsoft Hyper-V Monitoring

The 5.1.00 version of Microsoft Hyper-V KM has been completely redesigned. With the 5.1.00 release, Microsoft Hyper-V KM provides remote monitoring of Clustered Hyper-V environments. There is no need to install the monitoring PATROL Agent on the computer that you want to monitor. You can monitor your setup remotely without impacting the health of your computer. For a list of supported resources and prerequisites, see System requirements and Component-specific requirements.

Introduced new KM to support remote monitoring of Hyper-V environments

  • Simplified UI for remote monitoring Hyper-V environment
  • A single collector process (HyperVMon.exe)
  • Monitoring of multiple Hyper-V Servers from a single PATROL Agent
  • Option to filter virtual machines
  • Detailed monitoring of Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines

Remote monitoring of Hyper-V Servers

PATROL for Microsoft Hyper-V Server monitors and analyzes performance of the Hyper-V Server. With this release of the KM, now Hyper-V environments can be monitored remotely from any server within domain or out of the domain. The KM provides option to monitor clustered Hyper-V as well as standalone Hyper-V host. The KM provides overall health of hosts and virtual machines, that includes CPU, memory, network, and disk performance.

Using this KM, you can monitor the following Hyper-V components:

  • Hyper-V Cluster, its nodes and virtual machines
  • Memory utilization and processor utilization of hosts and virtual machines
  • Statistics of the virtual switch and virtual network adapters
  • Statistics of root partition
  • Activities of the disks attached to the IDE controller
  • All the virtual hard disk attached to the virtual machines

Filter based on Virtual Machine Name

The KM enables you to create filters to include or exclude virtual machines from monitoring based on their name. Regular expressions can be used to filter multiple virtual machines. For more information, see Configuring remote monitoring of Microsoft Hyper-V

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