PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers rulesets

PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers provides pre-configured rules that are organized into rulesets for the major Microsoft server roles, such as the file server and print server roles. A rule is an instruction applied to a PATROL Agent that instructs the agent to change a variable in its agent configuration database. A ruleset is a collection of rules, which are stored as text files with .cfg extension. 

PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers rulesets

These PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers predefined rulesets include the following configuration settings:

  • preloaded KMs
  • services whose process monitoring is enabled
  • processes that are monitored
  • Windows events that are monitored
  • additional Windows Performance Monitor counters that are monitored (added as parameters beneath the NT_PERFMON_WIZARD application class)


PATROL automatically monitors services whose startup property is automatic. However, PATROL monitors only whether the service is available.

When process monitoring is enabled for the service, PATROL also monitors how much memory and CPU a service executable consumes. In the ruleset descriptions in this section, the services whose process monitoring is enabled are noted.

PATROL KM for Event Management rulesets

To use the PATROL Configuration Manager to view or manage a PATROL agent configuration or to apply rulesets, the PATROL KM for Event Management must be loaded on the PATROL Agent computer. For more information about loading KMs, see Loading the PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers KMs.

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