Issues related to the PATROL for Event Management KM

The section provides information about how to troubleshoot issues related to the PATROL for Event Management KM.


Too many e-mail alerts are being generated

Any of the reason might be true:

Parameters and thresholds need tuning - Begin baselining and adjusting parameter thresholds. Review the e-mail alerts to determine which parameters are generating alerts. Then adjust the parameter thresholds, deactivate threshold ranges, or deactivate parameters, as necessary. You can make these changes on one remote agent and then use the PATROL Configuration Manager to deploy these changes to other agents.

Blackout periods are needed - If you are receiving alerts because systems are down for maintenance, configure blackout periods that specify when alerts are not generated. For more information, see the PATROL KM for Event Management.

The rule /AS/EVENTSPRING/ALERT/ arsAction is set to 4 - Set the rule to 0. If the arsAction rule is set to 4 for all PATROL objects, notifications are sent for all events. Instead, you may want to disable notification for all PATROL objects, by setting /AS/EVENTSPRING/arsAction to 0 at the remote agent. Then, enable notification only for the desired applications, instances, or parameters. When you enable notification for a specific PATROL object, the following configuration variable is created: /AS/EVENTSPRING/ALERT/object/arsAction.

Parameters settings are lost after Agent restart

Parameter poll times that are set using the PATROL KM for Event Management are not retained upon agent restart.

  • If the allowsendparamonly variable exists in %PATROL_HOME%\common\patrol.d\PATROL.conf file and is set to true - Remove the allowsendparamonly variable. f this variable exists and is set to True, then state change events for applications and instances are not generated. This reduces network traffic, but it also prevents the PATROL KM for Event Management from detecting when parameters become active after an agent restart. Thus, the PATROL KM or Event Management threshold and poll time settings are not applied.
  • If etc/patrol.d/PATROL.conf does not exist - If Patrol.conf file doesn't exist then all the agent variables get set to TRUE. To resolve this problem, obtain a copy of the file Patrol.conf and remove the allowsendparamonly variable, if it exists. To obtain the Patrol.conf file, copy it from another computer or contact BMC Software Support.

To remove the allowsendparamonly variable

  1. Move patrol.conf from %PATROL_HOME%\common\patrol.d to a secure location.
  2. Using the PACFG (PATROL Agent Configuration) utility, specify that secured location.
  3. Using Notepad (with word wrap disabled) or Wordpad, open patrol.conf.
  4. Underneath the [AGENT] stanza, remove the following line:
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Reinitialize the agent.

The PATROL for Event Management KM shows any of the following problems:

  • It does not send events.
  • The NotifiedEvents parameter is offline.
  • Errors are displayed in the console system output window
  • Parameter thresholds are not applied.
The PATROL for Event Management KM catalog file has been overwritten. On Windows platforms, if the PATROL Agent is installed after the PATROL KM for Event Management, a PATROL KM for Event Management catalog file is overwritten. The PATROL KM for Event Management must be installed after the PATROL Agent for the PATROL KM for Event Management to function. If you are running PATROL KM for Event Management 2.5.x and you do not want to upgrade to version 2.6.00, you must ensure that you are using the correct event catalog file.

To ensure that the PATROL KM for Event Management 2.5.x uses correct event catalog file

  1. Stop the PATROL Agent service.
  2. Rename %PATROL_HOME%\lib\knowledge\StdEvents.ctg to %PATROL_HOME%\lib\knowledge\StdEvents.ctg.bak
  3. Rename %PATROL_HOME%\lib\knowledge\StdEvents.ctg.date_PID to %PATROL_HOME%\lib\knowledge\StdEvents.ctg ensuring that the correct backup file that corresponds to the PATROL Agent installation is renamed.
  4. Restart the PATROL Agent service.

AS_AVAILABILITY is application not displayed

Availability targets have not been added. Add availability targets. For more information, see PATROL KM for Event Management.

The AS_AVAILABILITY application class instantiates only when availability targets have been defined.

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