The topics in this section describe how to install PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers. You can install the KM using the typical installation method, or you can perform remote or multiple installations by using the Distribution Server.

The Distribution Server enables you to perform remote installations or uninstallations of BMC distributed systems products across multiple systems from a central location. With the Distribution Server, you can:

  • Install, uninstall, upgrade, and reinstall products on remote systems from one central location
  • Create collections of products and system groups to distribute multiple products to multiple systems in one distribution
  • Schedule a distribution for a specific date and time
  • Maintain multiple product versions to be distributed
  • View reports to check distribution status, gather distribution data, and diagnose problems


Preload the NT_BASE.kml file. PATROL KM for Cluster Server requires it loaded. For information on preloading files, see Loading and preloading KMs and Preloading KMs on the PATROL Agent.

Installation procedure overview

The following table provides steps required to deploy and install the KM.

1Download the KM or repository.Downloading the repository
2Import the KM.Importing the repository
3Create a deployable package.Creating a deployable package
4Deploy and install the package.Deploying packages to PATROL Agents

First, install in a test environment on a limited number of computers and test the installation thoroughly, and then install in your production environment.


By default, a typical installation configures the PATROL Agent to connect through port 3181.

After installation, proceed to Configuring after installation for information about configuring PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers.

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