Assigning notification targets for a PATROL alert

You should set up specific targets for the PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers notifications to ensure that the proper people are notified when alerts occur.

The following procedure describes how to set the notification target for a parameter alert.

To assign notification targets

  1. From the PATROL console, access the host KM menu commands, as described in Accessing KM menu commands.
  2. Select the menu command Event Management > Alert Settings > Notification Targets > Email > Local Targets ANY STATUS > Set For Parameters.
  3. Select the application class of the parameter and click Accept.
  4. Select the application instance of the parameter and click Accept.
  5. Select the parameter and click Accept.
  6. Enter the e-mail address of the target for this alert and click Accept.

You can set other types of notification targets using the same procedure, but you select a different menu command in Step 2. For example, Paging instead of Email.

If a problem occurs

If you have problems configuring e-mail notification, see the PATROL KM for Event Management online documentation portal. This document contains detailed configuration instructions, usage scenarios, and troubleshooting information .

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