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For information on how to access application class menus, refer to Accessing KM menu commands.

Menu command


Configure Monitored Objects

Allows you to modify filters for clusters, hosts, and virtual machines in the Modify Filters dialog box

Configure Event Monitoring

Allows you to do the following:

  • Create event filters
  • Modify event filters
  • Delete event filters

The debug menu command turns the debug on or off. It also enables the KM debug.

  1. Navigate to the vCenter node, under the VSM_VC application class.
  2. Access the vCenter node menu, as described in Accessing KM menu commands.
  3. Right-click on VSM_VC > Debug
  4. In the KM Debug value text box enter the valid debug value.
  5. Select Inventory Debug option to extract the debug information of the discovered vmware events.
  6. Select Performance Debug option to extract the debug information of parameters which are collected by performance collector.
  7. Select Events Debug to monitor the vmware events.
  8. Click Accept.


KM debug is redirected to System Output Window (SOW) and Java collector debug is redirected to PATROL_HOME\VSM\log.

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