VSM menu

For information on how to access application class menus, refer to Accessing KM menu commands.

Menu command


Configure Service URL

Use to create or remove VMware vCenter connections in the PATROL for VMware vSphere Host dialog box

Trace > On

Turns on debug utilities for the KM

Trace > Off

Turns off debug utilities for the KM

Enterprise Inventory Report

Generates a report listing all hosts and virtual machines contained in a virtual environment in the Enterprise Inventory Report dialog box.
The inventory report can be saved to a file.

Top 10 ESX Hosts

Generates a report on the top ten hosts (ESX servers) consuming CPU resources in the Top 10 ESX Hosts dialog box
The top 10 report can be saved to a file.

Set JAVA Home

Use to set the JAVA_HOME path. See JRE Configuration dialog box.

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