Top 10 ESX Hosts dialog box

Use the Top 10 ESX Hosts dialog box to display a report that lists

  • The hosts (ESX servers) that are consuming the largest amount of CPU resources
  • The virtual machines that are connected to those hosts

Data in the report is organized by host connection, with that connection's top ten virtual machines listed underneath. The virtual machines for a host (ESX server) are the ones that are using the most CPU resources. The following information is available in the report:

Host Information

  • Host Name
  • CPU Used (%)
  • MEM Used (%)

Virtual Machine Information

  • VM Name
  • CPU Used (%)
  • MEM Used (%)

Procedure related to this dialog box

Creating host and virtual machine reports in VMware environment

Items on this dialog box



Save to file

Specify the directory location and a filename to save the report

When you save a copy of the report to a file, the file you create is saved on the computer hosting the PATROL Agent, not the PATROL console.

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