Enterprise Inventory Report dialog box

Use the Enterprise Inventory Report dialog box to create a report listing all the hosts (ESX servers) and virtual machines contained in your virtual environment. The following information is available in the report:

Summary Section

  • Total # of VMware Servers (ESX)
  • Total # of Virtual Machines
  • Total # of Active Virtual Machines

Server List Section

  • ESX Server Name / VM# / Active VM#
  • Host
  • VM Name
  • OS Type
  • IP Address
  • Status
  • MEM Size (MB)
  • VDISK Size (MB)
  • CPU Used (%)
  • MEM Used (%)

Procedure related to this dialog box

Creating host and virtual machine reports in VMware environment

Items on this dialog box



Save to file

Specify the directory location and a filename to save the report.


When you save a copy of the report to a file, the file you create is saved on the computer hosting the PATROL Agent, not the PATROL console.

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