Monitor types and attributes

The following table lists the Monitor types/Application classes in PATROL for VMware vSphere.

Reference information

The attribute information is also available in downloadable format in the Parameter Reference Database (PRD) Open link .

The PRD contains reports of the parameters available from the KMs and solutions in the extensive Knowledge Module (KM) library.

You can access these reports in CSV, PDF, or HTML format. 

Monitor types or Application classesAttributes or Parameters
VMware Cluster (VSM_CLUSTER)
VMware Cluster vMotion (VSM_VMOTION_CLUSTER)
VMware CPU Container (VSM_CPU_CNTR)
VMware Datastore (VSM_DATASTORE)
VMware Datastore Cluster (VSM_STORAGE_POD)
VMware Datastore Performance (VSM_DATASTORE_PERF)
VMware Disk Performance (VSM_DISK_PERF)
VMware Disk Performance Cluster Aggregate (VSM_DISK_CLUSTER_AGGR)Average Disk Throughput for Cluster (Disk_IO_Bytes_Total)
VMware Disk Performance Host Aggregate (VSM_DISK_HOST_AGGR)Average Disk Throughput for Host (Disk_IO_Bytes_Total)
VMware Disk Performance Virtual Machine Aggregate (VSM_DISK_VM_AGGR)Average Disk Throughput for Virtual Machine (Disk_IO_Bytes_Total)
VMware Distributed Virtual Switch (VSM_DVS)Overall status of the Distributed Virtual Switch (Status)
VMware Event Filter (VSM_EVENTS)
VMware Guest Disk (VSM_GUEST_DISKS)Free space on the disk in percentage (Disk_FreeSpacePercent)
VMware HBA (VSM_HBA)The operational status of the adapter (Status)
VMware Host (VSM_HOST)
VMware Host CPU (VSM_CPU)
VMware Host Virtual Switch (VSM_VSWITCH)Number of available ports (Available Ports)
VMware Host vMotion (VSM_VMOTION_HOST)
VMware Memory (VSM_MEMORY_V2)
VMware Network (VSM_VNET_PERF)
VMware Network Cluster Aggregate (VSM_NET_CLUSTER_AGGR)Total Network Data Received and Transmitted for Cluster (Network_Usage)
VMware Network Host Aggregate (VSM_PNET_HOST_AGGR)Total Network Data Received and Transmitted for Host (Network_Usage)
VMware Network Virtual Machine Aggregate (VSM_VNET_VM_AGGR)
VMware Resource Pool (VSM_RESOURCE_POOL)
VMware SCSI Device (VSM_SCSI_LUN)The Operational state of the LUN (State)
VMware vCenter (VSM_VC)
VMware Virtual App (VSM_VAPP)
VMware Virtual Machine Datastore Performance (VSM_VM_DS_PERF)
VMware Virtual Machine Snapshot (VSM_VM_SNAPSHOT)Total size of the snapshot (SnapshotSize)
VMware Virtual Machine Snapshot Container (VSM_VM_SNAPSHOT_CNTR)Total number of snapshots (SnapshotCount)
VMware VM Disk (VSM_DISK)Size of Disk in Megabyte (DiskSize)
VMware VM Disk Container (VSM_DISK_CNTR)Total provisioned space utilization (Provisioned_Space_Utilization)
VMware VM vMotion (VSM_VMOTION_VM)
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  1. Avneesh Jain

    I am looking for Linux Based ESX server Process or services monitoring , which  i havent find here with this KM.

    Please assist.

    Jan 09, 2018 02:36
  2. Atul Singh

    The XLS version for PRD is not available to download here. It's showing grayed out.

    Can we enable that link?

    Nov 01, 2018 09:20