Key concepts

A Knowledge Module (KM) is a set of files from which a PATROL Agent receives information about resources running on a monitored computer. A KM file can contain the actual instructions for monitoring objects or simply a list of KMs to load. KMs are loaded by a PATROL Agent and a PATROL Console/TrueSight console/

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KMs provide information for the way monitored computers are represented in the PATROL interface, for the discovery of application instances and the way they are represented, for parameters that are run under those applications, and for the options available on object pop-up menus. A PATROL Console in developer mode can change KM knowledge for its current session, save knowledge for all of its future sessions, and commit KM changes to specified PATROL Agent computers. A KM file contains the source code for a PATROL application. 

The BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere product is a KM that provides a monitoring capability for reliable, predictable performance of a VMware vSphere environment. 

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