BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere enables you to monitor the VMware vSphere environment and resources. It also enables you to determine how to effectively use these resources. A typical architecture for BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere is as follows:

Data collection details

  • BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere starts a Java process that connects to the VMware vCenter Server by using the VMware Infrastructure (VI) SDK API.
  • During the first inventory poll, the Java process collects all the managed entities of VMware vCenter Server, such as ESXi hosts, virtual machines, datacenter, cluster, resource pool, vApp, and datastore and their properties.
  • In subsequent inventory polls, it looks for updates in the VMware vCenter Server inventory and collects only those inventory details which are changed since last collection. The default inventory poll interval is 1 minute, and it is configurable.
  • After the first inventory poll is complete, the Java collector starts collecting performance data for clusters, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines. The default performance poll interval is 5 minutes, and it is configurable.
  • BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere also starts another Java process for collecting VMware vCenter Server events.
  • The Java processes are persistent processes and communicate with BMC PATROL Agent over a channel.

BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere collector details

The following table lists different BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere collectors and explains how they work:

vsmConsumerOpens a channel and starts a Java process for inventory and performance data collection

(1 min)

Responsible for creating and deleting all the VMware entities and collecting their configuration parameters. 
In the subsequent polls, it only updates the delta information from the last polling cycle.

(5 min)

Runs every 5 minutes (default) and is responsible for collecting the performance data of ESXi (hosts), VMs (guests), and clusters.

(30 min)

Runs every 30 minutes and is responsible for updating the configuration parameters, which were not updated in last 30 minutes. 
These parameters were not updated because there were no changes at VMware vCenter Server for them, so these parameters continue 
to have their last values.

(5 min)

Opens a channel and starts a Java process for events collection. It runs every 5 minutes and is responsible for 
collecting vMotion events and events for user-defined filters.

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