Configuring after installation

After you have installed PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server KM, you can choose one of the following configuration tasks depending on your monitoring console. In either monitoring console, you can configure the KM to data collection from a Tomcat or generic server.

Configuring in a BMC PATROL environment
See BMC PATROL Console documentation.
Configuring in a BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management environmentSee BMC ProactiveNet documentation.
Configuring in BMC TrueSight environmentSee BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management documentation.

Before you begin

Before you configure an Apache Tomcat or Generic Java Server KM in a console, you must enter the port number that you want to use for the JMX RMI connection. For information about enabling the JMX port, see Enabling a JMX port for monitoring.

To configure the KM in a console

To begin using BMC PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server, you need to complete additional configuration tasks depending on the specific console you are using. For more information about these configuration tasks, see the following topics:

Configuring in BMC PATROL Consoles

Configuring in TrueSight or BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration console

Where to go from here

After you have configured the PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server KM, you can begin using the it. For information about how to use the KM, see the topics in the Using section.

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