3.1.00 enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 3.1.0 of the PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server product and provides instructions for downloading the installation files.


Centralized Java process

This KM version uses a single, central Java process for all of the monitored environments.

You only need to configure the Java home details once as part of the general environment details. These Java details include the JVM location, plus the local operating system's user name and password. These details are used to run and start the only Java process that is needed to monitor all of the monitored environments. 

In previous releases of this KM, it was necessary to configure these Java home details for each environment that you needed to monitor.

The advantage of using a single Java process is that you no longer need to enter the Java details for each environment, and you save a large amount of memory resources to run each Java process. For example, in previous KM versions, each environment required a java process that needed 130 MB of memory. If it was necessary to monitor 50 environments, you needed 6.5 GB of memory for all of the Java processes that were being used by all of the KM environments. 

With this new KM version, BMC test results indicate that to use a single Java process to monitor 50 environments uses only 250 MB of memory.

PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server version 3.0.xx


PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server version 3.1.00


Added ARServer support

For the Generic Java Server KM, there is added support to use an ARServer to monitor Remedy servers.

You enter the ARServer information in the RMI Server type field when you are configuring a monitoring environment.

For more information, see Registering a Generic JVM environment in PATROL and Registering a Generic JVM environment in TrueSight.

Open a JMX port for monitoring

Before you start monitoring an environment, you must open the JMX port by setting some required, and some optional, Java Management Extension (JMX) technology settings in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). These built-in JMX management utilities are often referred to as out-of-the-box management tools for the JVM.

For more information, see Enabling a JMX port for monitoring.

Upgrade information for version 3.1

Added new information for upgrading the PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server in the TrueSight  or PATROL environments.

This includes a change in how the parameter path is stored in the KM's environment database and shown in the PATROL console. In previous releases of the KM, the default setting was to use a hash key to abbreviate the entire parameter path. For version 3.1.0, the full parameter path is used by default.

Due to this change, the parameter history can be lost as a result of the upgrade because the parameter path can change during the upgrade from the shortened hash key format to the full parameter path.

For more information, see Preparing to upgrade in a PATROL environment.

Change to a parameter in the TCT_ENVIRONMENT and GJS_ENVIRONMENT application classes

 In both environments application classes for the KM version 3.1, the CollectionStatus parameter was changed to ConfigurationStatus.

Added new Agent Actions

The TrueSight console gives you access to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console where you can select an agent action to be performed on a device using the BMC PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server. These agent actions include:

  • KM administration
  • Verifying the monitor configuration
  • Enabling logging of PSL and Java activities
  • Force discovery of the KM environment

For more information, see Using agent actions in the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console.

Environment checker utility

When you face connection issues with an Apache Tomcat or Generic Java Server environment, it is difficult to identify the exact problem. It takes time and effort to understand if the issue is related to the PATROL Agent and the channel between the PATROL Agent and the JAVA process, or the issue is related to the JAVA process and the connection between the monitoring environment.

The environment checker utility acts like a JAVA client and connects directly to the Tomcat or Generic Java Server environment. When you provide the connection details to this utility, it tries to connect and discover the system. Based on the result, you know if the issue was related to the environment configuration or the PATROL Agent.

For more information about this utility, see Using the environment checker utility.

Where to go from here

Plan for the deployment of  PATROL for Apache Tomcat or PATROL Generic Java Server. For more information, see Planning

After you download the installation files, you must install the PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server on the different consoles. For more information, see Installing .

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