Solaris Pool (KIS_Pool)

The POOL monitor type, along with the ZONE monitor type, supports the Solaris virtualization feature called Solaris Containers. Solaris Containers are composed of Solaris Zones, which allows the user to create and run one or more isolated virtual environments on a single physical server as completely independent systems. Solaris Zones can share CPU resources through a feature called Resource Pools. The POOL application class enables you to view configuration data and CPU consumption metrics for resource pools.

Solaris non-global zones have a dedicated CPU share from the resource pool. A non-global zone with a bound pool functions as an independent system, without having knowledge of other non-global zones. The global zone is the parent zone, which has knowledge of the non-global zones and administers resource allocation from the resource pools.

Attributes (parameters)

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

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