2.0.00 features

This section contains information about the features in version 2.0.00 of the PATROL for Scripting product. The PATROL for Scripting KM allows you to write a script in the language of your choice, use the script to discover instances and collect performance metrics, and send it to TrueSight Operations Management.

The KM provides great flexibility and gives you the ability to add additional data collection without having to understand or write PSL. The KM provides the following new features:

Scripting for Windows

PATROL for Scripting 2.0.00 now provides support for Windows PowerShell connection. The KM has now extended support for writing scripts in Windows by using PowerShell. For more information, see Configuring Windows PowerShell monitor profile.

Map script output instances to devices

PATROL for Scripting enables you to map script output instances to devices by adding the metadata I2D to the first line of the script output.

For example: <metadata>I2D=true</metadata>

Override the Monitor type name

In this version of the KM, you can override the Monitor type name (only on Windows) by adding the metadata MonitorTypeName to the first line of the script output.

For example: <metadata>MonitorTypeName=Process</metadata>

Override device name mapping for configured forced IP devices

PATROL for Scripting 2.0.00 overrides the device mapping name for configured forced IP devices. If the configured Device name/IP is set with an alias name and the force IP address is configured, the device gets mapped to the TrueSight console with the Device name/IP instead of the device FQDN even though the FQDN option is enabled in the Device mapping.

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