Deploying the SAP HANA JDBC driver

After you complete the installation process, set up the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) on the PATROL Agent host computer by performing the following steps.

Before you begin

Ensure that all prerequisites defined by SAP for the SAP Java Connector are met on the PATROL Agent host computer.

To set up the SAP JCo

  1. Download the following SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) files from, as appropriate for your operating system:
    • Microsoft Windows: Sapjco3.dll and Sapjco3.jar
    • IBM AIX, Solaris, Linux: and sapjco3.jar
    • HP UNIX: and sapjco3.jar
  2. Place the files in the appropriate location on the computer that hosts the PATROL Agent:
    • Microsoft Windows: %PATROL_HOME%\SSMKM\jars
    • UNIX (all types): $PATROL_HOME/../SSMKM/jars/
  3. Complete the installation of the SAP JCo, as described in the \javadoc\installation.html document provided with the files that you downloaded.
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  1. Monitoring Engineering

    This instruction is copied from SAP Solution Manager configuration. In the previous version of KM HANA configuration required to include ngdbc.jar library. I can see in the below instruction movie ndgbc.jar library is included instead of sapjco3.jar in the new version of HANA KM.

    Nov 20, 2019 06:31