Attribute and parameter properties

The following table describes the default attribute (parameter) properties available in PATROL and TrueSight Operations Management.


Collector and text parameters do not display the TrueSight and Central Monitoring Administration properties.

Terminology note

Attributes in the TrueSight console are known as parameters in the PATROL consoles.

Related topics

TrueSight console/ BMC Helix Operations Management and Central Monitoring Administration attributes


Default value

Monitor TypeThe monitor type under which this attribute is displayed.

Key Performance Indicator

Indicates whether the attribute is a key performance indicator (KPI). KPIs are attributes that have the most impact on the health and performance of your environment and your service-level agreements.

Monitor for abnormalities

Indicates whether abnormalities should be detected automatically. This applies to all attributes for which alarm ranges have been defined. If you want an attribute to be monitored for abnormalities, you should define the alarm ranges.


Indicates whether the attribute value should be plotted on the graph by default when Show Graph is selected on the user interface.


Indicates whether the parameter monitors the availability of the resource.

Response time

Indicates whether the parameter monitors the response time of an action or operation.

Normal distribution

Indicates whether the attribute has data with extreme spikes which makes developing a normal range band difficult.


Indicates if the value collected by the attribute is numerical and indicates performance data.

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