Working with JMX templates

SAP J2EE engine generates JMX MBean metrics for performance monitoring. BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager provides HTTP sessions, memory, thread Manager out of the box template content. The template is generic and should be adjusted according to the metric availability for SAP Basis release version. The user can retrieve a specific JMX metric the using SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) performance monitor and create a template from several JMX metrics.

The template can be applied on each SAP J2EE server process.


  • The user can maintain default template for all new instances.
  • Mass configuration can be applied agent wide.
  • Force server process to use his own template and not the default template.

To create a custom template, see Manage Template dialog box and Manage Template details dialog box.

To apply a template, see Apply Template dialog box and Apply Template details dialog box

Applying templates at different levels

You can apply templates at host level and application instance level.

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