SAP Solution manager MAI data displayed by BMC Patrol For SAP Solution Manager

BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager connects to the SAP Solution Manager systems that you configure and discovers the monitor root for each SAP system that reports to each SAP Solution Manager. BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager then constructs a tree hierarchy based upon the discovered technical systems in the PATROL Console.

Each SAP System is constructed out of SAP Technical systems that are define in the SAP Solution manger according to the SAP systems usage type.

BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager performs automatic discovery and checks for changes at a default frequency of once in 24 hours.

The discovery and data collection processes use SAP Solution Manager MAI servlet, /tc~smd~agent~application~e2emai/servlet/MAI for discovery of parameter and their origin.

The SMD agent is treated same as any technical system and is created under the relevant SAP system with the host name.

The following figure presents an example of the hierarchy within the replica MAI SMD agents for a single parameter.

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