Key concepts

BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager is solution that discovers and collects performance data from SAP Solution Manager systems, SAP satellite systems, and from SAP HANA database . The product is compliant with SAP standards. 

 BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager is a solution has the following components:

  •  BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager pulls data from all SAP systems to which it is connected, based on the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) or using Diagnostic Agents (SMD), the native monitoring mechanism for collecting performance data at each SAP system. BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager displays a replica of the CCMS tree or SMD monitored parameters obtained from SAP Solution Manager.

    For SAP satellite systems , which are not monitored by SAP Solution Manager, you can activate Priority Monitoring and obtain data directly from the SAP systems, rather than from SAP Solution Manager. 

    BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager provides a single-point management tool for performing system monitoring, analysis, and management activities on large-scale, multi-tier, and client/server environment SAP systems. This monitoring ensures continued availability and performance, and enables you to detect problems and to manage multiple SAP systems simultaneously. 

    BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager reduces mean time to recovery (MTTR) and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of monitoring and management of SAP environments.

    BMC PATROL for SAP HANA monitors SAP HANA instances and provides information on the performance and availability of SAP HANA system. BMC PATROL for SAP HANA collects data from the SAP HANA database using JDBC connection.The JDBC connection provides methods for querying and updating data in SAP HANA database.

Key features of the product enable you to do the following:

  • Monitor SAP HANA database
  • Supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  • Remotely monitor different types of SAP systems from a single point-of-control.
  • Automatically discover all SAP NetWeaver ® landscapes and components that are monitored by SAP Solution Manager, with no need for configuration.
  • Monitor SAP satellite systems directly (not through SAP Solution Manager).
  • Sample all connected SAP system through the Solution Manger and externally.
  • Filter the connected data at several levels of the product.
  • Enable customer to create filter based event.
  • Monitor SAP IT Event as ABAP dumps. Job, update.
  • Monitor the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) component.
  • Monitor SAP environments through BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.
  • Dynamically update all changes made in SAP Solution Manager, in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.
  • Display dynamic thresholds.
  • Provide predictive SAP monitoring based on SAP best practices for metrics categorization and self-learning analytics.
  • Provide a single-point configuration for monitoring multiple SAP Solution Manager systems.
  • Automatically discover complex landscapes.
  • Automatically and dynamically map all parameters that are collected.
  • Enable full, predictive root cause analysis (RCA) of the SAP landscape.
  • Reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR).
  •  Monitors the SAP J2EE standalone server. The J2EE availability discovers and samples the J2EE stack of the SAP system.

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