Forcing discovery

By default, discovery of data in SAP Solution Manager is performed once in 24 hours. You can force immediate discovery at various levels whenever necessary, if you do not want to wait until the next automatic discovery process is scheduled to run.

To force discovery

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click one of the following existing nodes, depending on the level of discovery that you need:


    Discovery level

    SAP Solution Manager system (SSM_SOLMAN)

    All SAP systems (SIDs) that are defined in a SAP Solution Manager system

    SAP system (SSM_SID_CONT)

    Specific SAP system (SID) and all CCMS Contexts under it


    Specific CCMS Context and all CCMS parameters under it

    CCMS Performance Parameter (SSM_DPARAM _prm_unit )

    Specific performance-type CCMS parameter

  2. Select KM Commands > Data Collection > Force Discovery.
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