Enabling the RWB user to query SAP PI J2EE Adapter channels

To query the communication channels in the SAP PI J2EE Adapter, the Runtime Workbench user must have a special role assigned through the UME (User Management Engine) of the SAP J2EE Engine on each server where the adapter is located.

The exact details of this task differ, depending on the SAP release of your system.

To assign a role for querying PI adapter channels on SAP releases earlier to 7.10

  1. Log in to the J2EE Engine Visual Administrator.
  2. Select the Security Provider service on the Cluster tab.
  3. Select the sap.com/com.sap.aii.af.app*AdapterFramework application on the Runtime tab and the Policy Configurations subtab.
  4. Select the xi_af_channel_admin_display role on the Security Roles tab.
  5. Click the Add in the Mappings area.
  6. Select the relevant users in the list and click OK.

To assign a role for querying PI adapter channels on SAP release 7.10 or later

  1. Log in to the J2EE NetWeaver Administrator.
  2. Access the Identity Management tab.
  3. Create a new role (under any name that you select).
  4. Assign the xi_af_channel_admin_display action to the newly created role.
  5. Add the newly created role to all relevant users and save these users.

This appendix presents information for troubleshooting problems in BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager.

This appendix contains the following topics:

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