CCMS data displayed by BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager

BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager connects to the SAP Solution Manager systems that you configure and discovers the monitor root for each SAP system that reports to each SAP Solution Manager. In addition, data is collected directly from all defined SAP Satellite systems (for which Priority Monitoring was activated). BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager then constructs a replica of the CCMS tree hierarchy in the PATROL Console. The CCMS tree nodes, which are also called monitoring tree elements (MTEs), lead to the monitored CCMS parameters. CCMS parameters are grouped together in CCMS Contexts and a varying number of connecting nodes (between CCMS Contexts and CCMS parameters). CCMS parameters are divided into two main groups--performance parameters and non-performance parameters.

BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager performs automatic discovery and checks for changes at a default frequency of once in 24 hours.

The following figure presents an example of the hierarchy within the replica CCMS tree for a single CCMS parameter.

CCMS tree replica hierarchy displayed in the PATROL Console

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