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This topic provides overview about BMC Remedy AR System and BMC PATROL for Remedy AR Server and its features.

BMC Remedy AR System overview

BMC Remedy AR System is a professional development environment that leverages the recommendations of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and provides a foundation for Business Service Management (BSM) solutions. Using BMC Remedy AR System, nonprogrammers can build powerful business workflow applications and deploy them simultaneously in web, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments. 

Applications built with BMC Remedy AR System can automatically track anything that is important to the processes in your enterprise. Companies use BMC Remedy AR System applications to track such diverse items as stock trades, benefits data, inventory assets, spare parts, and order fulfillment. One of the most common uses of BMC Remedy AR System is to automate internal service desks.

 A grouped server consists of two or more AR System servers that are managed as a single unit. The servers share the same AR System database, but perform workflow and database updates independently from each other.

BMC PATROL for Remedy AR Server overview

BMC PATROL for Remedy AR Server monitors BMC Remedy AR System for availability and performance (stand-alone and server group)..

BMC PATROL for Remedy AR Server  can be configured using PATROL console, Central Monitor Administration, or using PATROL Configuration Manager ruleset. 

Upon discovery each server in the group will be discovered automatically for host and port. For each server group connection, a separate java process will be launched. The sampling for each server group is done separately irrespective of the configuration server availability.

Monitoring of  BMC Remedy AR System form is based on the query mechanism, which provides information about query execution time and response time. For more information, see Monitoring System forms.


  • Discovery—Automatic discovery of BMC Remedy AR System Server and BMC Remedy Mid Tier components.
  • Availability—Sampling all group components (BMC Remedy AR System Server and BMC Remedy Mid Tier) for availability and status
  • Statistics—Collects BMC Remedy AR System Server statistics using Server Statistics form, and updates the server statistics metrics accordingly.
  • System form monitoring—Monitors form using multiple qualifications. Alerts the number of entries found and query run status and response time.
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