Access the ARS_GROUP application menu. Following table lists the commands on the ARS_GROUP application menu.

 Menu Summary 

Menu Command


Unregister AR System

Displays the Delete Server Group dialog box for, which allows you to unregister the BMC Remedy AR System Server.

Update AR System Registration

Displays the Register AR System For Monitoring dialog box for updating or editing the registered BMC Remedy AR System Server.

Monitor Forms


Select AR forms

Allows you to include or exclude the BMC Remedy AR System forms from monitoring.

Option to enable and disable debug for the BMC Remedy AR System Server instance you are monitoring.

Enables logging. The log files are created at %PATROL_HOME%\logs\AR-KM-AR_Environment_Name-PATROL_Agent_name and %PATROL_HOME%\arskm\logs\java\ArsKM-AR Environment_Name.

 OffDisables logging.

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