Monitor types and attributes

An application class is a logical grouping of individual applications, while an application group is a logical grouping of application instances. Within PATROL, you use application classes to define the attributes of all instances within an application class (global settings), or the attributes of a single application instance that has been customized (local settings).

Did you know?

Monitor types in the TrueSight console/BMC Helix Operations Management and Central Monitoring Administration are known as application classes in the PATROL consoles.

Attributes in Central Monitoring Administration are known as parameters in the PATROL consoles.

You can access Central Monitoring Administration from the TrueSight console or ProactiveNet. 

The following topics describe the application classes used in the PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database product:

Monitored ServicesMonitor TypeDescription

Top-level containers

Oracle Main (KOE_MAIN)

Standalone Container (KOE_STANDALONE)

Oracle Environment (KOE_ENVIRONMENT)

Host Container (KOE_HOST)

Serves as the root containers for the Oracle Enterprise environment.

Operating system utilization

Operating System Usage (KOE_INST_OS)Monitors the operating system utilization statistics and system resources.

Oracle ASM disk

ASM Disk (KOE_INST_ASM_DISK)Monitors the ASM disks performance of the database.

Oracle custom query

Custom Query (KOE_INST_CUSTOM_QUERY)Monitors the SQL query details in the database.

Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard Instance (KOE_DATAGUARD_INSTANCE)Monitors the Oracle Data Guard instances.
Oracle Fast Recovery AreaOracle Fast Recovery Area (KOE_INST_FRA)Monitors the Oracle Fast Recovery Area databases.

Oracle instance


Monitors the Oracle instances.

Oracle jobs

Jobs (KOE_INST_JOBS)Monitors the jobs in the database.

Oracle Net listeners

Oracle Net Listeners (KOE_LISTENER)Monitors the listener status and services associated with the listeners. 

Oracle Pluggable Database

Pluggable Database (KOE_INST_PLUGGABLE_INSTANCE)Monitors the mode, size, status, and user sessions of the pluggable database. 

Oracle Pluggable Tablespace

Pluggable Tablespace (KOE_INST_PLUGGABLE_TBS)Monitors the space available and the space utilized by pluggable tablespaces. 

Oracle services


Monitors the Oracle services executed in the database.

Oracle Standby health

Standby Health (KOE_INST_STANDBY)

Monitors all the standby Data Guard instances.

Oracle system


Monitors the system (logical and physical) performance of the database.

Oracle Tablespace


Monitors the space available and the space utilized by pluggable tablespaces and databases.

Oracle UNDO operations

UNDO Usage (KOE_INST_UNDO)Monitors the UNDO blocks and space usage in the database. 

Oracle user sessions

Sessions (KOE_INST_SESSIONS)Monitors the sessions and user activity in the database.

Oracle users

Users (KOE_INST_USERS)Monitors the user activity in the database.

Oracle wait events

Event Class (KOE_INST_EVENT_CLASS)Monitors the wait time and wait count of the database. 

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