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This product contains Knowledge Modules (KMs) and Monitoring Solutions that provide information about the resources or applications running on a monitored computer. The two terms are synonymous and are often used interchangeably.

A KM is a set of files from which a PATROL Agent receives information about resources running on a monitored computer. A KM file can contain the actual instructions for monitoring objects or simply a list of KMs to load. You can load KMs by a PATROL Agent, TrueSight console, or BMC Helix Operations Management.

KMs provide information about:

  • The way monitored computers are represented in the PATROL interface
  • The discovery of application instances and the way they are represented
  • Parameters that are run under those applications
  • The options available on object pop-up menus

The TrueSight console or BMC Helix Operations Management in developer mode can change KM knowledge for its current session, save knowledge for all of its future sessions, and commit KM changes to specified PATROL Agent computers. A KM file contains the source code for a PATROL application. 

A monitoring solution is a pre-defined set of metrics that monitor the health and performance of a specific device or service. BMC monitoring solutions are composed of monitor types and attributes.

PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database enables you to monitor and manage the availability and performance of resources of an Oracle environment. It provides visual warnings and alarms when thresholds are exceeded, and allows an easy identification of the problem. The monitoring tool is designed for remote monitoring using a certified JDBC connector provided by Oracle. The KM provides full support for TrueSight components. The KM provides availability metrics for different Oracle architectures and some performance metrics for certain areas such as space management, buffers, and sessions. Database can be configured on the following environments:

Product documentation

The PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database documentation helps you to implement or use this product. Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended. 

New usersGetting started
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The Infrastructure Management–PATROL Repository (Repository) comprises two sets of Monitoring Solutions and KMs, known as the Base and Extended repositories.

  • The Base repository contains approximately a dozen components, including the operating system KMs.
  • The Extended repository contains approximately five dozen components, including the database KMs.

Every three or four months, several components of the Repository are enhanced or added.

PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database KM is a component of the Base repository. For information about downloading and installing the repository, see Installing.

Related product documentation

When working with the PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database product, you might also need to refer to the following documentation:

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Console and product compatibility

You can use the KMs and Monitoring Solutions with several BMC consoles and products. 



TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3, 11.0, and 10.7TrueSight console

Parameter Reference Database

The  Parameter Reference Database (PRD) Open link contains reports of the parameters available from the KMs and solutions in the extensive Knowledge Module (KM) library. You can access these reports in CSV, PDF, or HTML format. 

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