2.1.00 features

This section contains information about the features in the version 2.1.00 of PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database.

For more information about the issue corrected in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.

More informative environment configurations

For all monitor types, the service or SID name is shown with the Oracle host name in the Environment configurations section. To view the service or SID name, ensure that you have installed TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.04 (or later) and applied the (or later) hotfix on it.

Added new attributes

The following attributes have been added:

New monitoring categories added to Oracle RAC Database

The following monitoring categories are added to the Oracle RAC Database monitor type:

  • Operating system usage
    You can monitor operating system usage for all Oracle RAC instances under the respective RAC nodes.
  • Pluggable database
    You can monitor pluggable databases for all Oracle RAC instances under the respective RAC nodes. The pluggable tablespaces are created at the Oracle RAC database level.

For more information, see Oracle RAC Database.

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