Replication activities


This feature is no longer supported by any of the KM's supported versions. From version, the feature is no longer available. For more information see, Fix pack 1 for PATROL for Oracle Database.

You can use PATROL for Oracle to monitor the replication activities and the database links used in your replication environment. The replication activity on an instance and the links from the instance are monitored.

To monitor database links and replication, you must activate the DB_LINKS and REPLICATION applications by choosing KM Admin > Monitor Settings Modify from the INSTANCE menu and enabling the DB_LINKS and REPLICATION categories. You must also ensure that the CollDbLinks and CollReplication collector parameters are activated.

The CollDbLinks and CollReplication collector parameters start collecting information about the next polling cycle, and then populate the consumer parameters. The DB_LINKS and REPLICATION icons should appear within two polling cycles.

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