ORANET requirements and setup requirements for PATROL Configuration Manager

To configure PATROL for Oracle Database your system should meet the following ORANET requirements and PATROL Configuration Manager set up requirements:

ORANET requirements

To monitor Oracle Net listeners using ORANET, ensure that the system meets the following requirements:

  • Oracle Net is installed, started, and configured. See the Oracle Network Manager Administrator's Guide and the Oracle installation guide for your system for more information.
  • The ORANET application is loaded and running.
  • The PATROL user account is either in the DBA group or has permissions to write to the directory where the Oracle Net listener log files are located. If the PATROL user account lacks these privileges, you cannot start or stop the listener process.
  • To monitor ORANET, the following permissions are required for the PATROL OS account:
    • Executable permission for the lsnrctl utility
    • Read permission for the listener.ora file
    • Read permission for the tnsnames.ora file on the local computer to monitor the remote instance
    • DBA group permission to execute the SRVCTL utility


If you want to discover only the listeners that belong to Oracle instances that are discovered, set the value of the following variable to 1:"/OraNetConfig.FilterLsnrBySID"


PATROL for Oracle Database supports the monitoring of the listener.log file upto 1.5 GB only.

PATROL Configuration Manager setup requirements

PATROL for Oracle Database requires the following setup considerations for PATROL Configuration Manager:

  • Ensure that the Save Backup Before Apply option is selected.
  • Move the rules and rule sets created specifically for PATROL for Oracle Database to the appropriate directory.
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