Distributed database monitoring


This feature is no longer supported by any of the KM's supported versions. From version, the feature is no longer available. For more information see, Fix pack 1 for PATROL for Oracle Database.

A distributed database is a database set that is stored on many computers, but appears to applications as a single database. In a distributed database system, an application can access and modify the data simultaneously in several databases in a network. Each database in the distributed database system is controlled by its local Oracle server, but the database cooperates to be consistent with the other databases in the global distributed database.

In a distributed database system, Oracle uses links between the databases for application requests. A database link creates and defines a one-way path for communication from one Oracle database to another database.

Because each Oracle database instance is controlled by both the Oracle server and the consistency of the distributed database system, you can use PATROL to monitor both the specific database instance and the structure and transactions in the distributed database system.

The following reports provide information about the distributed database structure of the instance:

  • Commit Point Strength
  • Database Links
  • Pending Transactions
  • Snapshot
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