Configuring instances for remote monitoring

This section provides the procedure to register a remote Oracle host for remote monitoring.


  • You can establish remote monitoring only on UNIX hosts. That is, the PATROL Agent and the Remote Oracle Host must be installed on a UNIX platform.
  • The pconfig variable /OraNetConfig.javaHome must be added before registering a remote host. An example of the bin directory path is /usr/java

To register a remote Oracle host for remote monitoring

  1. Select ORACLE> KM command>Register Remote Host menu command.
  2. From the Register Remote Host dialog box, enter the details for a remote host to be registered.
  3. In the Remote Host Name field, enter the host name of the remote host.
  4. In the Remote SSH Port field, enter the SSH port number for the remote host you want to register.
  5. In the SSH Username field, enter the username used to access the SSH port.
  6. In the SSH Password field, enter the password corresponding to the SSH username.
  7. In the Remote User Profile Path field, enter the path where the user profile is located.
  8. In the Remote Package Location field, enter the path to the location where the remote package is located.
  9. Click Apply to accept the information and register the remote host.
  10. Click Exit to close the dialog box.


Remote pluggable instance can be configured only with SYSDBA user.

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