Fix pack 1 for PATROL for Oracle Database

The PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack is an update to this KM that includes changes to the supported features for this product.

For more information about the issues corrected in this fix pack, see Known and corrected issues

This topic also provides instructions for downloading and installing this fix pack:

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Improved functionality

The Oracle Extended Tablespace Monitoring (ETSM) feature is improved by querying the DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS Oracle Static Data Dictionary View.

If you are upgrading from an earlier PATROL for Oracle Database version, you must login to the Oracle Database as a privileged user and grant the following privilege to the monitoring user:

grant select on dba_tablespace_usage_metrics to <Oracle monitoring user>

We also improved the monitoring of database availability and tablespaces to avoid scalability issues.

Known Issue

On Oracle v12cR2 or earlier versions, the tablespace monitoring is impacted by v9.7.11.01 of the KM because it has a dependency with the Oracle DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS Static Data Dictionary View, which doesn’t provide always the expected information.

Oracle reported several bugs in earlier supported versions for the Oracle DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS Static Data Dictionary View. Because the KM has a dependency on this view, it is required to install the latest Oracle patches to enable complete monitoring of all tablespaces in the environment. For Oracle v12cR2 itself there is still no solution and hence the UNDO tablespace is not monitored by v9.7.11.01 of the KM.

Dropped features

Support for the following features were dropped in this fix pack.

Dropped feature and componentPATROL Menu Commands

Oracle Server Administration utilities

Used for accessing Oracle utilities through the PATROL console

For more information, see Using Oracle utilities.

Oracle Server Admin

Explain Plan

Instance Shutdown

Instance Startup

SQL Command


SQL Task


Used to determine if the Oracle server, tablespace, or objects need any adjustments or tuning

For more information see the following:



Auto Extend DBFiles

Free Space

Free Space Deficit

Maximum Extents

Lock Conflicts

Object Space Analysis

Space Usage by Object


Archiving State

Backup Status

Log History

Media Recovery

Redo Log Files


Access Statistics

Locks Outstanding

Resources Used

Trace Files Space Analysis


Database Files

Invalid Objects

Oracle License Limits

Parameter File (init.ora)

Rollback Segments

Schema Function Info

Schema Package Info

Schema Procedure Info

Schema Table Info

Schema Trigger Info

Statistics Summary

Distributed Database

Commit Point Strength

Database Links

Pending Transactions



All Jobs

Broken Jobs

Failed Jobs

Overdue Jobs


Buffer Cache Contents

Buffer/Lib/Dict Cache Info

Redo Log Cache Info

SGA Memory Analysis

Shared Pool


Active Sessions

All Problem Users

Display Oracle Users


Role Information

SQL Statements

User Account Info

User/Role Column Privileges

User Session Data

User/Objects in SYSTEM

Users with DBA Role

Scheduler Admin

Allowed for schedule jobs to run at specific times from PATROL for Oracle Database using the Batch Scheduler

For more information, see Batch reporting.

Schedule Jobs

Add Job

Modify Job

Schedule Report

Add Report

Modify Report

Schedule Settings

Schedule Status

Terminate Schedule

View Log file Admin

Delete Log File

List Log File

Move Log File

Replication activities

Used to monitor the replication activities and the database links used in your replication environment

For more information, see Replication activities.

Monitoring SQL statements

Used the PATROL for Oracle Database functions to obtain information about SQL commands used in Oracle processes



Kill Session

ORANET listener

Used to stop and start a listener process from within PATROL

For more information, see Starting and stopping a listener.

Downloading the installation files

Select and download the installation files for your platform; see the following table. Use your BMC Support credentials to access the EPD website. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

ComponentEPD linkInstallation file name
PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack (

Download link Open link

  • Windows - POK_ALL_971101.zip
  • UNIX - POK_ALL_971101.tar
PATROL Installation Utility 11.0.00 Download link Open link
  • Windows  - ins_WINDOWS_11000.zip
  • UNIXins_ALL_11000.tar

Installing the PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack


The PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack contains all of the files that are required for a complete product release. You can install the fix pack over an existing installation of the KM, or as a fresh installation.

To install the PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack in a PATROL environment

Follow the typical installation instructions in Installing in a PATROL environment.

To install the PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack using a TrueSight Presentation Server

Follow the instructions in Installing using a TrueSight console.

Upgrading to the PATROL for Oracle Database fix pack

If you are using an earlier version of the KM and want to preserve the configuration settings and monitoring history, you can upgrade to the fix pack by following the Upgrading instructions.

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