1.1.00 features

This topic contains information about the features in BMC PATROL for MongoDB 1.1.00.


For more information about known and corrected issues, see Known and corrected issues.


Improved data security by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

PATROL for MongoDB 1.1.00 now supports AES encryption capability of the BMC PATROL Agent version 10.0.00. For information about Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) implementation in PATROL Agent, see PATROL Agent 10.0 documentation.

Monitoring long running operations

PATROL for MongoDB can now determine the operations that are running more than the specified time. The operations can be filtered according to a specified time, NameSpace, and operation. The Long running operations attribute provides information about such operations. 


  • If you use SSL while configuring PATROL for MongoDB, you must use a self-signed certificate in Mongo SSL configuration.

  • When you configure the KM to monitor MongoDB (v3.4.x) Shard, the Config Server Status (ConnectionStatus) parameter will be offline.
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