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Before installing PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server, verify that the target computer meets the following installation requirements:


To get complete compatibility information for BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server, use the BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility on the Product Availability and Compatibility page.

Any information about UNIX ® in the following table applies to any supported versions of Linux ® unless otherwise specified.

Support for third-party products

To receive full support for a BMC product, you must have that product installed in a supported environment, as specified in the BMC product documentation. If a third-party vendor cancels support for one of its products (such as an operating system or subsystem), and that third-party product integrates or interacts with the BMC product you have licensed, you must upgrade to a supported version of that third-party product before BMC Customer Support can provide you with support for the affected BMC product. For further information, see BMC's product support policy.

Requirements for installing PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server


Operating system

Supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems supported by the PATROL Agent 20.02 system requirements

.NET framework

Version 3.5.xx to 4.xx

KM version.NET version
9.6.00, 9.6.10, and only
9.6.12 and later

3.5.xx to 4.xx


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable package is a requirement, and it part of the .NET 3.5.xx/4.xx installation.

When package is still missing after .NET installation it must be installed separately.

Supported Microsoft SQL Server versions

32 or 64 bit, Standard or Enterprise edition, and clustered or non-clustered environment:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019

The Microsoft SQL Server that you want PATROL Agent to monitor must have SQL Server performance objects installed. These performance objects must be available to the BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server KM for all the functions of the KM to operate.

OS accounts on Microsoft Windows

PATROL account for Microsoft Windows (used for PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server installation)

Use the following guidelines when setting up the PATROL Windows account:

  • Create a dedicated user account before you install PATROL Agent. This default account for PATROL Agent can be a local account or a domain account.
  • The account must be a member of the local Administrators group on the computer where the agent will reside.
  • The account on a domain controller must be a member of the domain Administrators group.
  • Do not use a built-in Administrator account.
  • If you are using a domain account, you must specify the Windows NT domain with the user name.
  • Stand-alone workgroup servers must use a local user account.
  • Servers that are trusted members of a domain can use a local or domain account.
  • If an Access Control List (ACL) is used to control access to the PATROL Agent, the default accounts must have configured privileges.

PATROL products

  • PATROL Agent version 9.5.00 or later
  • PATROL Installation Utility 9.6.00 or later
BMC TrueSight Presentation Server
  • 10.7.00
  • 10.5.00
  • 10.1.00
  • 10.0.00

Minimum hardware requirements

X32, 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM


Microsoft Windows

Local monitoringMember of Users group (lowest possible permission level)
Remote monitoringMember of Administrators group on the remote Microsoft SQL Server host (Microsoft prerequisite for using WMI connection).

To validate Windows local and domain user permissions see, Validation of Windows user.

Microsoft SQL Server

Basic functionality
  • Grant Server role public to user
  • Add the user to all databases
  • Grant db_datareader role membership for system databases msdb and master to user
  • Grant View server state permission to user
SQL Agent Job Failures parameterGrant execution permission on object msdb.dbo.agent_datetime to user
Always-On parametersGrant View any definition permission to user
Replication parametersGrant Server role sysadmin to user
Log-Shipping parametersGrant Server role sysadmin to user
Mirroring parameters

Grant Server role sysadmin to user


Membership in the dbm_monitor fixed database role

  • To validate the Microsoft SQL Server see, Validation of MS SQL Server login.
  • Requirements are same for Local/Remote monitoring
  • Requirements are same for Integrated/Standard user


Do not use Security level 3 or higher if you are using Enterprise Configuration or the PATROL Advisor.

These security levels require passwords to be entered every time the host is accessed.

The password can have special characters like @, $, and ' (single quotes).

BMC recommends to avoid the use of the following characters in the password:

  • Double quotation marks ( " )
  • Forward slash ( / )
  • Backward slash ( \ )


BMC products are certified for use on supported operating system versions. BMC does not explicitly test for OS patches/updates that are released after a BMC product is released.

BMC products should work fine with minor updates to these supported operating systems. For assistance, please contact BMC Customer Support.

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