Configuring custom SQL queries

This topic provides instructions to configure custom SQL queries in a Microsoft SQL Server environment.

To configure custom SQL queries

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click MSSQL Servers node (MSSQL_SERVER_INSTANCES_CONTAINER application class)
  2. Access the KM menu commands as described in Accessing KM Menu Commands.

  3. Select the MSSQL Server to run the km command on it regular expressions from the drop-down list box and click Next.

  4. To continue with the configuration and to add or modify or delete a custom SQL query, click Next. 
  5. In the Custom SQL queries configuration dialog box, perform one of the following actions,
    1. To add a new custom SQL query, select Add new custom SQL query and click Accept.
    2. To edit an existing custom SQL query, select it in the list, then select Modify selected custom SQL query, and click Accept.
    3. To delete an existing custom SQL query, select it in the list, then select Delete selected custom SQL query, and click Accept. Then click OK to confirm.
  6. In the Custom SQL query configuration dialog box, to define or edit the custom SQL query, enter the information as below,
    1. NameEnter the logical name for the SQL query.
    2. SQL queryEnter the SQL query.
    3. Collection interval (min)Specify the collection interval in minutes.
    4. Click Done to save the configuration details.
    5. Click Cancel to exit without saving the configuration details.
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