9.6.00 enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 9.6.00 of the BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server product and provides instructions for downloading the installation files.



Monitoring remote environments

The BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server product provides remote monitoring of SQL Servers. The primary focus of PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server is to monitor remote hosts, which hold multiple SQL Server instances. 

Monitoring perfmons

With the MSSQL_SERVER_PERFMON application classes, you can monitor Microsoft Performance Monitor counters. See, Configuring perfmons for more information.

Monitoring Custom SQL queries

BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server supports custom query configuration to fetch specific information about the query. See Configuring custom SQL queries for more information.

Support for monitoring clustered environments  

PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server monitors SQL Servers in a clustered environment. See Monitoring SQL Server failover cluster environment for more information.


BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server 9.6.00 provides the following updates:

Tracking ID *



Metrics added to monitor query timeout and blocking issue.


Option added to filter MS SQL Agent jobs for filtering. For filtering options, see Environment configuration dialog box.


Parameter added to indicate the amount of time elapsed since the last back up


Enhancement added to view the desired cluster node in the SQL instance without opening the InfoBox.


Option added to support monitoring of SQL Agent hung jobs.


Updated the PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server documentation to align performance counters with PATROL counters.


Updated the following for LongRunningTrans and BlockerProcs parameters:

Enhanced the recovery action to run on consecutive alarm polls and send new corresponding events with updated annotation details.


Updated the SQLAgentJobFailures (MS SQL Server Agent Health application class) parameter to automatically detect the number of failed jobs and reset itself.


Option added to delete a monitored database.


Enhanced the instance name field to allow regular expressions for all types of rules.


Updated the PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server KM to support MS SQL Workgroup edition.


Updated the LongRunningTrans and ProcedurecacheColl parameters to use SQL queries instead of the dbcc command. 


Enhanced the PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server KM to support monitoring of Log Shipping when a database is in a restoring state.


Option added for removing an SQL instance.


Enhanced the PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server KM to support remote monitoring and external cluster agent capabilities.


Enhanced the PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server KM to configure a cluster environment with multiple instances using PATROL Configuration Manager.


Added database backup parameters in PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server KM.


Added the parameter which reports the time (in seconds) for which the instance has been up and running.


Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support added for PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server 9.6.00


Added the parameter which alarms when BlockerProcs and LongRunningTrans parameters are in alarm state.


Enhanced the KM to disable monitoring of disabled SQL Agent jobs using the SQLAgentJobFailures parameter.


Enhanced the PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server to generate alarms when there is a change in the monitoring user password. See SQL Connection Status (SQLConnectionStatus) parameter for more information.


Added the following database parameters to enhance the database monitoring.

QM001789966, QM001769123

Log monitoring feature was removed from PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server v9.6.00. Since this version, Log Management KM can be used to monitor log files.


In PATROL for MSSQL Server, monitoring of synchronization_health parameter (MS SQL Server Always-On Availability Group application class) is supported as a logical parameter and not from Microsoft views (either a virtual table or a stored query). This parameter reports a rollup of the synchronization health of all availability replicas in the availability group. See Synchronization Health (SynchronizationHealth) parameter for more information. 


Enhanced the KM to filter MS SQL Agent jobs for multiple instances on the environment level.

Community Idea- 5371

Enhanced the KM to enable SQL Agent monitoring. For more information, see MS SQL Server Agent Health (MSSQL_SERVER_AGENT_HEALTH) and MS SQL Server Agent Statistics (MSSQL_SERVER_ AGENT_CONTAINER) application classes.

Community Idea- 2224

Enhanced the KM to support Pending Recovery and Emergency states of a database.

Community Idea- 2684

Enhancement added to support 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the KM on a 64-bit operating system.

Community Idea-2716

Enhancement added to the SQLAgentJobFailures parameter to monitor the SQL Agent jobs that are stopped manually.

* RFEs (Request For Enhancements) submitted directly or through a support representative, are tracked using 'QM' numbers, whereas RFEs directly submitted on  BMC Communities Open link  are marked as Community Ideas.

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