Monitoring the performance of Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Virtual machine scale sets are an Azure compute resource that you can use to deploy and manage a set of identical VMs. PATROL for Microsoft Azure provides metrics to monitor the performance of your Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets. 

Percentage CPU

This attribute displays the percentage of allocated CPU that is currently in use by the virtual machine(s). High CPU utilization is good if all your work is being done as expected. Low CPU utilization is normal when the CPU has a light load. If your system always seems to be running above 95% utilization and you have done everything you can to improve your system's performance, then you may want to alter or deactivate the default range thresholds to avoid false alarms.

CPU Credits Consumed

This attribute displays the total number of credits consumed by the virtual machine. This metric can be used in a combination with the CPU Credits Remaining attribute that displays the total number of credits available to the burst. CPU credits are accumulated when the CPU is not fully utilized. These credits can be used when there is a need of CPU. 

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