Syntax rules for COMPOSITES parameter expressions

The following syntax rules apply when you create a composite parameter expression:

  1. All COMPOSITES menu commands require the use of a PATROL Developer Console
  2. A valid composite parameter name consists of alphanumeric characters. It cannot contain any special characters, such as /, *, or #, or a space character.
  3. All parameters in the expression must be valid PATROL parameters. The parameter name must specify the application class, the application instance, and the parameter name.
  4. The parameter name must be surrounded in single quotes (').
  5. Although the expression entry wizard displays all parameters within an application class, including collector parameters, the application cannot use collector parameters in calculations.
  6. Expressions cannot contain arithmetic operators.
  7. String terms must be enclosed in double quotes (").
  8. You can enclose a double quote in a string by "escaping" it using a backslash (). A string with an enclosed double quote looks like
  9. "this \"string\""
  10. You cannot use the backslash to escape any other special characters.
  11. Although the expression entry wizard does not enable you to enter parentheses in an expression, you can enter parentheses manually to control the order of expression evaluation. If parentheses are not used, expression evaluation is strictly left to right, with the relational operators having higher precedence than the Boolean operators.
  12. The active state for the composite parameter does not affect the active state for the PATROL parameters used in the definition of the composite parameter; that is, you can make the composite parameter inactive, but the parameters used in the expression will remain active.
  13. If the parameters used in a composite parameter expression are inactive, the composite parameter will not be calculated.

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