Stopping the monitoring of a file

If you want to stop monitoring a file, you must remove the undesired files from the list of monitored files.

Before you begin

You must be using the PATROL Central Operator - Windows Edition, PATROL Central Operator - Web Edition, or a PATROL Console in Developer mode. You can also add a text file to monitor by using the Log Management PATROL Configuration Manager plug-in as described in PATROL Agent Configuration Variables.

To stop monitoring a file

  1. Access the LOGT application menu as described in Accessing Menu Commands, InfoBoxes, and Online Help.
  2. Select Delete Instance.
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.
    PATROL KM for Log Management no longer monitors that log file.


    When a monitored file is discovered or created and later deleted from the system, the LOGMON instances continue to be created with the ALARM status. However, if you manually remove the files and restart PATROL Agent, the LOGMON instances are no longer created for the deleted files.

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