You can secure the data passed between PATROL components and restrict unauthorized users from accessing your data by implementing PATROL security. You can select from five security levels when you install PATROL. 

Agents, console servers, and consoles must operate at the same security level to communicate with each other. When you install agents, console servers, or consoles that need to communicate with previously installed versions of these components, check the security level of the previously installed components and be sure to install the new ones at the same level.

Checking security levels

To check the security level of a previously installed agent, console server, or console, perform the following steps:

  1. From the command line switch to the path on the computer that you want to check:
  2. Run the following command to display the security policy of the current computer:

     _esstool policy -a_

    The security level is displayed in the "security level" field of the output.

Assessing and implementing a different security level

Review the security level definitions in the PATROL Security User Guide before installing PATROL to determine the appropriate security level for your components. If you want to implement a new security level after having previously installed PATROL security, see the PATROL Security User Guide for instructions.

For more information about implementing and using PATROL security, see the following documentation:

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