Scanning a monitored file from the beginning

You can configure PATROL KM for Log Management to read from the beginning of the text file that is being monitored. The PATROL KM for Log Management reads the monitored file from the beginning in the following scenarios:

  • During the initial monitoring scan of the file
  • When the Always Read at Beginning check box in the Add File for Label: instanceName dialog box is selected. However, the file is scanned only if the size of the file changes after the last scan, thus resulting in change in the time stamp of the file.
  • When the size of the monitored file reduces
  • When the monitored file is a script
  • When monitoring a file configured with regular expressions that has the File Disposition option.
    PATROL scans the newly created or discovered files that match the search criteria from the beginning. This includes a file that was previously scanned and superseded by a new file, and later modified, so that the file becomes the Latest file.
  • When the Modify > Default Settings or Modify > Search Criteria menu command is selected and the /PMG/CONFIG/updateOnConfigChange pconfig variable does not exist or is set to 0. This causes PATROL to read the monitored file from the beginning in the next scan.
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