Retaining the log file instance during configuration changes

PATROL KM for Log Management deletes a log file instance when the configuration of the log file instance changes. To retain the log file instance, you must manually add the /PMG/CONFIG/updateOnConfigChange configuration variable, and specify the value of this variable as 1. For information about the /PMG/CONFIG/updateOnConfigChange variable, see Configuration variables for PATROL KM for Log Management.


This variable only works with log files in the text format.

For information about how to add configuration variables to the Agent Configuration utility, see Managing configuration variables.

To retain the log file instance during configuration changes to the log file

  1. Create the /PMG/CONFIG/updateOnConfigChangeconfiguration variable manually.


    If the /PMG/CONFIG/updateOnConfigChange configuration variable is not added manually, the log file instance is deleted on a configuration change.

  2. Specify the value of the configuration variable as 1. The log file instance is retained, and the changes made to the log file templates are sent to pmgreader during the next log scan. PATROL KM for Log Management scans the log file by using the updated configuration from the last read point of the log file in the earlier scan.
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