Monitoring XML files


The XML Files monitor type is not supported any more.

PATROL for Log Management enables you to:

  • Monitor the valid XML files with the following encodings:
    • UTF-8 (This is the default encoding. If you do not specify the encoding for an XML file, it is assumed to be UTF-8).
    • LATIN1 (English)
  • Configure searching and monitoring of the element content from the XML file against the specified elements (also called as tags).


  • Use of the XML file search feature assumes that you have a working knowledge of XML file constructs and terminology.
  • The KM only supports monitoring of the element content. It does not support monitoring of element attributes.
  • To configure the search and monitor functions, you must use a BMC PATROL Console for UNIX or Microsoft Windows in Developer mode, a BMC PATROL Central console, or the PATROL KM for Log Management PATROL Configuration Manager plug-in.
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