To access the LOG application class, double-click the OS Container icon. The LOG application class contains instances of the Log Monitoring (LOGT) for every monitored log file. Each LOGT instance contains LOGMON instances, which contains parameters.

After you configure multiple remote hosts for monitoring, application instances are created for each host. In addition, a request is sent to the XPC-based client to open a remote session with the remote host. Each remote host instantiates an instance of the LOG application. This application instance name contains the remote host name. The collector parameters of the LOG application class collect the necessary information for the respective remote host through the XPC-based client. 

As an aid to troubleshooting, you can use the LOG class to enable or disable various debugging utilities. 

Application class attributes





Created by


Parent class


Child class

Log Monitoring (LOGT)


Access the LOG application class InfoBox as described in Accessing an InfoBox. The LOG InfoBox contains only standard InfoBox fields.

Attributes (parameters)

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

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