Example for monitoring a script file on Windows- Monitoring updates to an anti-virus package

This example describes how you can use the script output monitoring feature of the BMC PATROL for Log Management to monitor a Windows file system to determine whether updates have been made successfully to an anti-virus package.

To monitor anti-virus package updates

  1. Write a batch file called C:\ProgramFiles\Local\VirusUpdate.bat that downloads the updates to an anti-virus package*.* If the batch file runs successfully, it outputs, "<current time and date> Download Successful" and if it fails, it outputs "<current time and date> Download Failed".
  2. Access the LOG application menu as described in Accessing Menu Commands, InfoBoxes, and Online Help.
  3. Select Add Instance.
  4. In the Add Instance dialog box, enter a label for the anti-virus update file, such as antivirus_update.
    The log icon label must be 50 characters or less and cannot contain any spaces.
  5. Click Accept.
  6. In the Add File for Label: instanceName dialog box, enter C:\ProgramFiles\Local\VirusUpdate.bat in the File/Pipe Name text box.
  7. In the File Type options, select Script.
  8. Define the default settings for the search criterion.
  9. In the Threshold #1 text box of the Add File for Label: instanceName dialog box, enter 1.
  10. From the State list, select Alarm.
  11. Click Next.
  12. In the Configure Search Criteria: instanceName: Define Search Criterion dialog box, in the Search Criterion area, enter an identification label for the search criterion in the Search Identifier text box.
  13. In the String1 text box, enter Failed.
  14. In the Configure Search Criteria: instanceName: Override Default Settings dialog box, if you do not want to custom-define the search criterion, ensure that you do not select the Override default setting check box.
  15. Click Next.
  16. In the Configure Search Criteria: instanceName: Summary dialog box, click Finish. When the log collector runs, the script runs the VirusUpdate.bat batch file and generates an error if it finds the string Failed in the output.
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