Defining multiple search criteria for a text instance

The /PMG/CONFIG/ instanceName /actPatterns pconfig branch enables you to define multiple search criteria for a text instance. Each search criterion has a unique identifier (key) and collection of fields (value).

The key-value pair represents a search criterion. Each field in a search criterion is separated by the <Ctrl+B> character, as follows:

Not<Ctrl+B> string1 <Ctrl+B>Not<Ctrl+B> string2 <Ctrl+B> threshold#1 <Ctrl+B> state1 <Ctrl+B> threshold#2 <Ctrl+B> state2 <Ctrl+B> overrideDefSetting <Ctrl+B> customEventOrigin <Ctrl+B> customEventMsg <Ctrl+B> numRegEx <Ctrl+B> IgnoreDuplicateEventsForMinutes <Ctrl+B> pollingIntrvl

In the preceding format, numRegEx refers to a collection of fields that are separated by commas. The fields include:

  • firstNum
  • Op1
  • BeginToken
  • EndToken
  • Op2
  • SecondNum

For example, you configure search criterion for a text instance through the GUI having the following settings:

  • String1 ( string1): ERROR\\|INFO
  • String2 ( string2): Server.*, Not is selected for String2
  • Threshold#1 (threshold#1): 2 and the corresponding state is WARN
  • Threshold#2 (threshold#2): 6 and the corresponding state is ALARM
  • Custom Event Message (customEventMsg): This is a custom event %1-.
  • Custom Event Origin ( customEventOrigin): %APPCLASS%. %INSTANCE%.%SEARCHID%
  • First Number (firstNum): 15
  • Op1 (Op1): >=
  • Begin token (BeginToken ): 1
  • End token ( EndToken): 3
  • Op2 (Op2): >
  • Second Number ( SecondNum): 10
  • Ignore Duplicate Events For ... Minutes ( IgnoreDuplicateEventsForMinutes): 5
  • Polling Interval (Generate ALARM when pattern not found within ... polling intervals) ( pollingIntrvl): 2

You can configure the preceding search criterion for the text instance by using the following pconfig variable format:

|SEVERE<Ctrl+B>1<Ctrl+B>Server.<Ctrl+B>2<Ctrl+B>3<Ctrl+B>6<Ctrl+B>4<Ctrl+B>1<Ctrl+B>%APPCLASS%.%INSTANCE%.%SEARCHID%<Ctrl+B> This is a custom event %1-<Ctrl+B>15,4,1,3,1,10<Ctrl+B>5<Ctrl+B>2

Using the preceding pconfig variable format, the lines that contain the regular expression, ERROR\\|INFO
|SEVERE, and that do not contain the regular expression, Server.
, are matched only if the lines contain a number that is greater than 10 and less than 15 between first and third columns (including both first and third).

If the number of matches found is between 2 and 5, WARNING events are generated. If the number of matches is 6 or more, ALARM events are generated. Generated custom events contain the custom event message.

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