Adding an instance

The BMC PATROL for Log Management allows you to configure and monitor different types of log files. To configure and monitor a log file instance, you need to add the instance.

To add an instance

  1. Access the LOG application menu as described in Accessing Menu Commands, InfoBoxes, and Online Help.
  2. Select Add Instance.
  3. In the Add Instance dialog box, enter a label for the file that you want to start monitoring.
    The icon label must be 50 characters or less and cannot contain any spaces.
  4. Click Accept.
    The Add File for Label dialog box appears that enables you to configure the instance. For more information, see Add File for Label: dialog box.


    To access this dialog box, use the PATROL Central Operator - Windows Edition, PATROL Central Operator - Web Edition, or a PATROL Console in Developer mode. Alternatively, you can use the Log Management PATROL Configuration Manager plug-in as described in  Using the PATROL Configuration Manager to configure the Product Short.

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